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Tenant Category: Miscellaneous

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Discover a village within the city

401 Richmond is home to a community of over 140 artists, cultural producers, social innovators, galleries, festivals, and shops. Browse our full tenant directory or select a tag below to view our tenants by category.

8 80 Cities

Third floor, Studio 364

8 80 Cities works towards healthy, happy, and sustainable cities for people to grow up and grow old in; where all people have the right to safe and active mobility, welcoming and accessible public spaces, and inclusive city-building processes.  

Anna Isacsson

Fourth floor, Studio 411

Anna Liv Isacsson is an Expressive Arts Therapist who uses creativity in the service of self-care.

Collaborative Minds

Fourth floor

Counselling services.

Cycle Toronto

Second floor, Studio 215

Cycle Toronto is a member-supported charity that works to make Toronto a healthy, safe and vibrant cycling city for all. They’re focused on advocacy, education and encouragement, as we work to shape policy and infrastructure, and build community to transform our city’s cycling culture.


Lower level, Studio S-22

Electro-Works Ltd / YGC was established in 1998 and at present has a team of  full-time employees with a combined experience in excess of 210 years. 12 fully stocked service vehicles, a bucket truck with a 40’ boom, a Kabota tractor with multiple accessories for trenching, a 5 tonne trailer, and various other pieces of equipment for specialty projects. 

ICA Associates

ICA Associates Inc. is a social-entrepreneurial facilitation, training and research organization that designs and leads participatory group processes and teaches people how to do it for themselves. We help individuals, organizations and communities across Canada transform their most challenging situations into empowering opportunities. ICA is on the leading edge of collaborative change providing expertise to hundreds of organizations, and transferring practical skills to thousands of individuals. ICA Associates Inc. shares its mission and values with, and through royalties financially supports,…