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401 Richmond is home to a community of over 140 artists, cultural producers, social innovators, galleries, festivals, and shops. Browse our full tenant directory or select a tag below to view our tenants by category.

CARFAC Ontario

CARFAC Ontario is the association of professional visual and media artists. Founded in 1968, CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation/le Front des artistes canadiens) has worked for 40 years on the legal and economic issues facing visual artists. We believe that artists, like professionals in other fields, should be paid for their work and share equitably in profits from their art practice. The work of CARFAC Ontario is to develop policies, publications, and services that assist artists, galleries, curators, art patrons, and…


Second floor, Studio 251

DECODE is a research, strategy and innovation firm specializing in the Information Age Generations. We have spent the last thirteen years amassing a wealth of information on these generations, using a variety of online and offline methodologies. Together with our network of 700 thought leaders and opinion formers known as ‘DECODErs’, we help our clients understand and engage these generations as consumers, as employees and as citizens.


Envoke is an all-in-one suite of email marketing and communications tools designed to increase engagement from website visitors, automate compliance, build opt-in email databases, send broadcast email campaigns, and track results.

Euphoria Workforce Solutions

While have always been about innovation and technology, we have grown, stretched, and built our organization to expand beyond our original vision of learning and development. In a typical week… We are helping our clients achieve their goals using new technologies, platforms and products combining them in unexpected ways. We are experimenting with new technologies to solve business processes for not-for-profits. We are working on creative ways to deliver exciting solutions for organizations embarking on large computer systems roll-outs. Today, we…

Rafuse Consulting Group

Second floor, Studio 244

The Rafuse Group helps connect business and organizations to the baby boomers and key players who are concerned with healthcare and wellness, discovery and political action. We provide market insight, strategy, content marketing and hands on management oversight of initiatives and projects. We are not consultants but constructors. We actually build what is needed then find or create the best distribution platforms and channels for delivery. The Rafuse Group also owns and operates MobilizeCanada, an initiative for Canadians to find…

Saman Design

Second floor, Studio 208

Saman Design Inc., is a graphic design and print studio that helps meeting and special event planners, museums, art galleries, artists in providing creative and unique signage solutions. We print and produce easel signs, sponsor posters, large format welcome banners, table top signs, wall letterings, and many more custom designs in our shop which provides us and our clients amazing flexibility for the last minute requests. We take pride in building strong relationships with our clients. Contact us to see…