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401 Richmond is home to a community of over 140 artists, cultural producers, social innovators, galleries, festivals, and shops. Browse our full tenant directory or select a tag below to view our tenants by category.

Architectural Conservancy Ontario

Through advocacy and direct action, ARCHITECTURAL CONSERVANCY ONTARIO has been involved in preserving Ontario’s architectural and environmental heritage since 1933 by helping communities and owners preserve buildings and structures of architectural merit, and places of natural beauty or interest. ACO is a charitable organization operating through a network of autonomous local branches in communities across Ontario, linked by a small co-ordinating office in Toronto, and governed by its Executive and Provincial Council. Our Mission statement: Through education and advocacy, to…

Hilditch Architect

First floor, Studio 139

The main focus of our firm is in support of community-based, non-profit agencies serving the needs of our society, generally around issues of poverty, physical & mental health, social justice, equity, and inclusion. We have extensive experience in creating successful shelters, transitional housing, permanent affordable housing, as well as community centres, early learning centres, community health centres, and multi-service hubs. We have a reputation for building consensus among all stakeholders, promoting equality among stakeholders who may be marginalized and disenfranchised,…

Windmill Developments

Second floor, Studio 236

Windmill Development Group (“Windmill”) is a visionary company dedicated to transforming conventional development practices by using a triple bottom line approach to our projects. This ensures that strong ecological, social and financial returns are achieved in all of our projects. Everything that we do is conceived, designed and constructed to protect and enhance the local community and its ecosystems. We harness innovations in land use, water, air, energy, design, waste management and smart building technologies to create healthy, high-performance green…