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Staff List

The 401 Richmond family is a team of passionate professionals working to care for our visitors and tenants, as well as the heritage building we call home. See our staff directory below.

Ingrid Araya

Janitorial Services

Jennifer Bhogal

Communications & Community Animator Ext. 4011

Bob Chandler


Maria Alejandra Cortes

Office Administrator Ext. 4010

Tobin Dominic

Junior Building Operator

Brian Graciano

Property Manager Ext. 4022

Pamela Lampkin

Janitorial Services

Redentor Paragas


Jon Price


Donald Quan


Elise Rodgers

Leasing Administrator Ext. 4015

Vicki Rodgers

Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer Ext. 4014

Yenislen Rodriguez

Janitorial Services

Ronel Ruiz


Greg Spooner

Parking Attendant/Security

Saskia Vegter

Urban Agricultural Coordinator

Renato Villanueva


Margie Zeidler

President + Founder