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Nuit Blanche 2023

September 23, 2023 to September 24, 2023
7PM - 7AM

Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s all-night celebration of contemporary art, returns this fall for its 16th edition. 

Throughout Nuit Blanche Toronto’s 12-hour spectacle, 401 Richmond will be teeming with dynamic and interactive exhibitions, installations and performances.

Two floors of creative exploration await Nuit Blanche Toronto revellers for a unique experience that both highlights a diversity of cultural practice and showcases the iconic address that continues to transform Toronto’s cultural landscape.

401’s Community Connectivity Partner is Beanfield Metroconnect.


7 – 8PM

Artist Talk: Moses Salihou

The artist speaks to his interactive approach encouraging intuition and fostering an intimate connection with his practice.

Black Artists’ Networks in Dialogue (BAND) Gallery and Cultural Centre, Studio LL108

7:30 – 8:30PM

Poetry Showcase

Presented with JAYU at Gallery 44

JAYU and Gallery 44 present youth poets from JAYU’s iAM Program performing poems in response to Gallery 44’s exhibition Surface, Sample, Site.

Studio 120

Gallery 44 open until 11PM


Peter Boyd

Musical performance

Guitarist/sommelier Peter Boyd performs on a guitar built for the 2023 Richard Jacobson exhibition titled Long Tongued Liar.


Canada – Korea Virtual Nuit: Welcome to 401 Richmond

Live-streamed video link between 401 Richmond and LeeKangHa Art Museum in Gwangju, marking 60 years of diplomatic relations between Canada and the Republic of Korea.

Urbanspace Gallery


Esmeralda Enrique Academy of Spanish Dance

Flamenco dance demonstrations

Urbanspace Gallery

Double Bubbel: Donald Quan, Eaoh Argos, David Sutherland and Ashley Williams

Musical performance featuring an eclectic mix of instruments with voice and dance accompaniment.

Urbanspace Gallery


City of Toronto Nuit Blanche Information Booth and Visitor Engagement

Exterior West Entrance

Art Blossoms

EXAR Studios and Toronto Downtown West BIA

An augmented reality highlighting the diverse creative practices at 401 in a cybernetic garden that will virtually blossom.


Urban Arboretum: magfoto + cymatiste

Digitally generated trees, vines, and flowers project onto the building responding to live audio from a microphone onsite as the artists modify the code for the projections throughout the night.

West Building Façade

6 Degrees: A Feminist Letter Writing Project

Le Labo Francophone Media Arts Centre

Take part in the collaborative letter-writing exchange to question identity, gender and patriarchy.

West Entrance

Artist-designed, interactive coffin installation: Richard Jacobson

Abbozzo Gallery, Studio 128

The Bitten Peach: Asian Queer Spaces

Reimagining Toronto’s Art Scene: An Interactive Installation and Survey

In partnership with The Green Line TO and the Asian Arts and Culture Trust explore the intersectionality of Asian and queer identities within the urban space within the city.

Urbanspace Gallery

Mayfield Secondary School Drama Students

Richmond Street West Sidewalk Projection Project

North Building Façade

Submerge: Micki-Lee Smith with Adam Kaelta and Zakriya Bashir-Hill

An interactive multi-media composition about noise pollution and its effect on the preservation of the ocean environment.

Loading Dock Adjacent to Studio 120

Quvianaqtuq Pudlat, Artist Member of the West Baffin Cooperative, Kinggait Studios

Featuring large format drawings by Quvianaqtuq Pudlat began his artistic career as a sculptor but many years later turned to drawing.

Corridor Adjacent to Urbanspace Gallery

SSHTTORRTY: Michael Snow

2005 video work with painterly and story-telling form; a loop that is itself looped.

Simon Bentley Fine Art, Studio 133

Sarah Nind in Dark Horse Espresso Bar

New installation of paintings by 401 studio artist Sarah Nind.

Dark Horse Espresso Bar at West Entrance, Studio 135

La Filature: Cheryl Rondeau

Video documentation of the 2017 Venice Biennale spanned eighty-eight national pavilions along with collateral exhibitions throughout the city, capturing the frenzy that a large art fair inspires alongside the impossibility of taking it all in.

Adjacent to Gallery 44

Sharing a Message: Joheum Lee

Emoji is a language system used online, made up of visual images, and works as a tool across borders.

YYZ Artists’ Outlet Windows, Studio 140

Sword to Plowshare: Rocky Dobey and Julie Mollins

A stylized prison cell featuring a suspended handcrafted sword blade surrounded by crocheted wheat-motif doilies, the installation alludes to the Russia-Ukraine war disrupting trade in wheat and other key commodities, and its profound impact on food value chains and the soaring cost of living worldwide.

Central Freight Elevator, Adjacent to Studio 120

Farsh 2: Roda Medhat, 2023 401 Career Launcher Prize recipient

This aluminum ‘rug’ serves as an exploration of the complex web of identity that envelops the artist and his Kurdish heritage.

Adjacent to Studio 128

The Deceiving Eye: Ron Siu

An experimental animation composed of cyanotype prints, the video features a non-narrative series of short, looping vignettes inspired by phenakistoscopes, early, analog animation devices.

Open Studio Gallery Window, Studio 104

Mr. Dress-up to Degrassi: 42 Years of Toronto Kids TV

Journey through Toronto’s heyday of children’s TV shows in this playful exhibition spanning 1952 to 1994 as Toronto etched itself into our collective consciousness with shows like Mr. Dressup, Today’s Special, The Friendly Giant, Polka Dot Door, Degrassi, and more.

Myseum of Toronto, Studio LL01

Tonic: Art and Jazz: Emerging Artists Showcase

Curated by Kelly Zhang and Ruari Milne

Music and art by Parker Lily Tuson-Morse, Isabella Vella, Hayley Chiu, Zim Yu, Ali Sheikh, Shinae Kim, Ruari Milne, Emmett Hodgins, Ale Nuñez

Young painters and jazz musicians take over a vacant café space celebrating Toronto’s emerging art scene.

North East Entrance

As it is | A precarious time at Ontario Place: Steven Evans

Photography exhibition captured between November 2021 and June 2023 and included in a new book of the same name, edited by Beth Kapusta and available in Swipe Design | Books + Objects, Studio B004, and in Spacing Store, Studio B002.

North East Entrance

Social Distancing: Lana Yuan, 2022 401 Career Launcher Recipient

A sculptural installation delving into the psychological and physical ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic and post-Covid era.

Adjacent to LL106

24 Hour Art-a-Thon: Red Head Gallery Members

A durational performance presented by Red Head Gallery with each participating artist producing one artwork each hour for 24 hours. The work will be available for sale for $100 each.

Adjacent to Studio B104

Jardin Public (Public Garden): Geörgette Power

A video that sets in motion a crowd of plants in a tramway of the city of Bordeaux, where the public garden gets over its boundaries and begins to make the concept of “mobility” derail.

Video Lounge, Adjacent to Studio LL106

Scopitone Screenings: Cinecycle

Outdoor screening of Scopitones, short 16mm films from the 1960s, originally played in a type of jukebox called a Scopitone, a forerunner of music videos.

Exterior East Parking Lot


401 Richmond Street West


September 23, 2023 to September 24, 2023
7PM – 7AM