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401 visitors enjoy an art opening at Abbozzo Gallery

Event Category: Art

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401 Richmond, along with our tenants, is host to a variety of art and cultural events. Here you’ll find upcoming events listings. To stay in the know about art openings, exhibitions, talks and more, sign up for our What’s On newsletter.

Vladimir Kanic: The Book of Waves

November 5, 2021 to March 1, 2022

The Book of Waves is a series of bioart sculptures capable of producing oxygen equivalent to hundreds of trees; the sculptures contain a living algae culture capable of performing photosynthetic processes in situ. Algae breath, grow, and procreate and are able to communicate with the audience through breathable gasses. Breath is the essential conceptual foundation of the project; as spectators exhale carbon dioxide, the sculptures absorb it and convert it into oxygen, resulting in the creation of a cycle of …


Interlude: Gallery Artists

Abbozzo Gallery December 3, 2021 to March 1, 2022

Interlude is a collection of Abbozzo Gallery’s artist’s newest works – and a few of our older favourites. This exhibition is a respite from the usual bustle of the spring, summer and fall months; it provides an opportunity to display the wide-ranging, versatile artists we proudly represent. For any questions regarding the artists, their work or the Gallery, please email us at Click this link to view the exhibition on artsy.