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The Urban Forest of Ontario Place

Wednesday, June 15, 6 - 8PM: Meet the Artists Reception and Talk

The photography featured in this exhibition invites you to spend time considering the importance of the urban forest at Ontario Place.

The artists responded to a call to document the trees of Ontario place. We know that pending development changes to this historic public park in the coming years means this body of work is helping to create a record of the hundreds of trees that were planted the site over 50 years ago.

University of Toronto professors Alissa North and Danijela Puric-Mladenovic join in conversation with curator Karen Carter reflecting on their research documenting the value, history, and ongoing presence of Michael Hough’s landscape design at Ontario Place.

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Alissa North
Associate Professor, Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto

An Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, Alissa North teaches graduate design studio, visual communication, and history, theory criticism courses. She graduated with Honours from the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Program at the University of Toronto in 1998, and received the Master in Landscape Architecture degree with Distinction from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design in 2003 where she was awarded the Jacob Weidenman Prize. North has been a guest critic and lecturer in landscape architecture programs across North America. She has edited or co-edited a number of publications on the work of leading global landscape architects, including Operative Landscapes: Building Communities Through Public Space published by Birkhäuser.

Danijela Puric-Mladenovic
Assistant Professor, Daniels Faculty, University of Toronto

Danijela’s research and professional work focus on forests in settled and urban landscapes. Her work and research are aimed at providing real-world solutions and tools that support strategic conservation, restoration and integrated spatial planning of green systems, vegetation and forests in urban, peri-urban, ex-urban and rural/agricultural landscapes and their interfaces.In collaboration with Dr. A. Kenney,  Danijela co-developed Neighbourwoods@, a tree inventory and monitoring protocol; and Vegetation Sampling Protocol, inventory and monitoring protocol applicable to forests and other vegetation. Danijela collaborates with partners from different levels of governments, NGOs, academia, community groups and other groups engaged in forest conservation and restoration across urban and settled landscapes.


First Prize: Michelle Kay
Second Prize: Mariana Topfstedt
Third Prize: Susan Kerr
Honourable Mention: Gokche Erkan
Honourable Mention: Tenzin Dorjé

Jonas Chin
William Greaves
Ildiko Rostas
Claribel Angulo

Feature image by Susan Kerr.

Installation images by Karen Carter.

Artwork images courtesy the artists.

Gokche Erkan, Honourable Mention
William Greaves, Honourable Mention
Claribel Angula, Honourable Mention
Claribel Angula, Honourable Mention
Jonas Chin, Honourable Mention
Ildiko Rostas, Honourable Mention
Gokche Erkan, Honourable Mention
Gokche Erkan, Honourable Mention
Tenzin Dorjé, Honourable Mention
Michelle Kay, First Prize
Mariana Topfstetd, Second Prize
Susan Kerr, Third Prize