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Park People

First floor, Studio 119



First floor, Studio 119


Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:oo pm


David Harvey
Sean Brathwaite

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About Park People

Toronto Park People is an independent charity that brings people and funding together to transform communities through better parks.

Our Work

Park People is leading a parks renaissance guided by the simple principle – when communities get involved, parks get better. We envision cities where parks are at the heart of every community and all of our work is directed toward making that vision a reality in communities across Canada.


Park Friends Group Network

Park People supports a network of community park groups across Canada. These groups are crucial in organizing volunteers to green and steward their local parks; they host events such as tree plantings, nature walks, and festivals, and lead community development opportunities – particularly valuable for high needs neighbourhoods.


Sparking Change

Underserved neighbourhoods need to capitalize on every available amenity. Parks that do not serve community needs are a missed opportunity for youth engagement, health promotion, access to healthy local food, community economic development, environmental education and physical recreation.

The Sparking Change Program works hands-on in high needs communities to transform underused green spaces into dynamic outdoor community hubs. With community members and organizations, Park People helps to organize local residents, launch events to build momentum, and access seed funding.


Building Solutions

As Canada’s leading city parks organization, we’re experts in finding creative solutions that bring government, partners, and communities together to make our parks the best they can be. We administer key funding programs that support innovative park projects and partnerships, and produce essential reports on the challenges and opportunities our parks face.


The Green Line

As cities grow, we must look for creative opportunities to expand parks and connect communities. This is especially needed in neighbourhoods,  that lack green space. Park People is working on a special project to transform disconnected land in Toronto’s Davenport Village hydro corridor into a beautiful, continuous park and trail, connecting multiple communities and becoming a citywide destination. The Green Line will stretch 5km north of Dupont Street, extending into the Annex, linking communities via off-street routes for cycling and walking.