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New Music Concerts



Emily Schimp
General Manager
416 961 9594

Brian Current
Artistic Director
416 961 9594

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About New Music Concerts

At NMC we inspire our listeners with extraordinary performances of the world’s most adventurous music.New Music Concerts is a leader in curating, performing, and promoting innovative and cutting-edge music by Canadian and international composers. NMC is internationally renowned and unique in Toronto as the foremost champion of contemporary works for large chamber ensemble.NMC is committed to a diversity of rigor and excellence in the programming and performance of adventurous contemporary chamber music from Canada and around the globe. In our programming, we take pride in reflecting Canada’s ever-growing diversity of musicians, listeners, composers, and guest artists. It is NMC’s mandate to nurture a dialogue between the voices of multiple musical traditions, including those that have been less well represented in the past. These conversations allow us to better understand the needs of cross-community artistic interrelations, and offers our audience an ever-broadening range of experiential musical encounters. We are engaged in evolving and sharing our musical vocabulary through the careful juxtaposition of varying modes of composition. NMC celebrates the work of the most creative artists across all gender and multicultural identities working in new music and related art forms today. Whenever possible, we collaborate with partner communities to be actively drawn into the current new music conversation. NMC continually experiments with new modes of presentation, a creative selection of venues, and with its own dynamic online presence. NMC offers its audiences engaging and transformative experiences of New Music Now!