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Tangled Art Gallery

First floor, Studio 122

Tangled Art plus Disability Logo. On the right hand side is a pink line which tangles around itself. On the left the word Tangled is written in all caps, bold pink text. Below that, the art plus is written in all caps black text, below that is the word disability, also in all caps black font.



First floor, Studio 122


Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm


Tangled Art Gallery

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About Tangled Art Gallery

Tangled Art + Disability is boldly redefining how the world experiences art and those who create it. We are a not for profit art + disability organization dedicated to connecting professional and emerging artists, the arts community and a diverse public through creative passion and artistic excellence. Our mandate is to support Deaf, Mad and disability-identified artists, to cultivate Deaf, Mad and disability arts in Canada, and to enhance access to the arts for artists and audiences of all abilities.