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401 Richmond is home to a community of over 140 artists, cultural producers, social innovators, galleries, festivals, and shops. Browse our full tenant directory or select a tag below to view our tenants by category.

Brigitte Nowak

Brigitte Nowak lives in Toronto and spends summers on an island in Georgian Bay. Her paintings, in oils and in egg tempera, explore the nature of reality and illusion, the interface between the human and natural worlds and the line between observation and comment. Image-making, to understand and reveal the world, has always been part of her life. Her work, included in private and corporate collections, has won awards in both Canada and the U.S., and has been chosen as…

C Magazine

Third floor, Suite 301

C Magazine is a Toronto-based contemporary art and criticism periodical devoted to providing a forum for significant ideas in visual art and culture. Each quarterly issue explores a new theme through original art writing, criticism and artists’ projects. C Magazine is published quarterly by C The Visual Arts Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization established to present ideas, advance education and document contemporary visual art and artist culture.

CARFAC Ontario

CARFAC Ontario is the association of professional visual and media artists. Founded in 1968, CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation/le Front des artistes canadiens) has worked for 40 years on the legal and economic issues facing visual artists. We believe that artists, like professionals in other fields, should be paid for their work and share equitably in profits from their art practice. The work of CARFAC Ontario is to develop policies, publications, and services that assist artists, galleries, curators, art patrons, and…

Carolyn Livingston

Second Floor, Studio 242

Carolyn Livingston’s exhibition with Pari Nadimi Gallery unites two groups of oil paintings that continue her exploration of the human figure in pairs or in isolation. When she depicts two figures in an embrace, the theme of mother and child is invoked even when the gender or age of the figures is not fixed or clear. These embraces speak of the tenderness found in physical connection and suggest spiritually nourishing, life-giving intimacy. Livingston’s pictorial language often takes up classical art, as if…


Coach house

Consulting Matrix

Consulting Matrix provides strategic, solution-based advice and tools to decision-makers across Canada.