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Gareth Bate & Art Untangled



I'm available for a studio visit. I'm also open to tour groups if booked in advance. Just email me at


Gareth Bate & Art Untangled
Artist, Curator, Entrepreneur

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About Gareth Bate & Art Untangled

Hi, I’m Gareth Bate. I’m an artist, curator, educator and entrepreneur. I run an education company called Art Untangled since 2016. I’ve been at 401 Richmond since the summer of 2008 when I won the “401 Richmond Career-Launcher Prize” a free studio for a year awarded to a graduating student. It was an amazing experience and really gave me a great start. After that I moved down to the basement to Studio S-17 in the orange section where I’ve been ever since. I work primarily in painting, installation and photography. Check out my website to see more.

I’m also Festival Curator of the World of Threads Festival of international contemporary fibre and textile art. It’s based in Oakville and I’ve curated dozens of exhibitions over the years.

I’m an entrepreneur and I’m busy building my business Art Untangled which is an education company dedicated to making art accessible and understandable to the general public. Our slogan is “Fall in Love with Art”. The studio courses in painting and drawing are called Art School Untangled. These classes include “The Colour Mixing Detective”, “Colour Stories and Relationships”, “Brushstrokes and Painting Effects”,  and “Outdoor Abstract City Drawing”. I also do tours of the Toronto art world and museums called Art World Untangled.

In the Toronto District School Board I teach in the adult night school program. My courses are “Abstract Painting” and art history courses “Art History: Modern: 1850 – 1980” and “Art History: The Masters: 1450 – 1850”. Check out my website to see more of my work and to hear more about my courses.

You can also follow me on Instagram at GarethBate, on Facebook at GarethBateArt or Twitter @GarethBateArt