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Save 401

Letters of Support

A cultural stronghold

In 2019, 401 Richmond survived another existential challenge: increasingly surrounded by high-rise developments, our heritage low-rise building faced being tax-out of the neighbourhood. Thankfully, with support from our community an agreement was reached with the city to protect this essential cultural stronghold in Toronto’s downtown. We would like to thank our many community supporters for making possible our continued commitment to affordable space for the arts.

List of Links

Judy Wolfe, Publisher, POV Magazine

"Please save 401 Richmond from the ravages of Market Value Assessment"

Jacquie Green, OSA

"Artists are responsible for creating some of the most important cultural material in our province."

Kathryn Bemrose, Professional Painter

"We do not ask that we don't pay taxes. We ask for a tax break to allow for our creative culture to hold its presence in this crowded city's downtown core."

Joe Rosenblatt, yumart gallery artist

"The Province and the City have a responsibility to ensure that Toronto provides a fair and stable environment for all artists, be they members of the visual or performing arts."

Tim Deverell, yumart gallery artist, and Ann Ireland, author

"Tax relief is a pressing matter for the continued survival of this unique piece of architecture and its cultural vitality."

Noah Genner, President and CEO, BookNet Canada

"A sterile urban landscape benefits no one, including those concerned with maximizing tax revenues."

Yvonne Whelan, yumart gallery

"401 Richmond Street West is a community that actively promotes and reflects the richness of diversity not only of Toronto, but of Ontario and Canada."

Robert Fones, artist

"For the arts to continue to exist in Toronto, it has to be supported, subsidized and acknowledged as contributing to the economic and cultural life of the city."

Ruth Roach Pierson, Professor Emerita of the University of Toronto

"As a writer who benefits enormously from collaborating with visual artists, I beg you to reconsider any plan to raise the taxes at 401 Richmond."

Rosemary C. Watson

"The Province and the City need to act soon to allow 401 Richmond to continue to house and support the Arts."

The Red Head Gallery Members

"401 Richmond remains the only place in the downtown core that houses a variety of non-profit and below market arts organizations in an easily accessible location for Torontonians and visitors to the city."

Virginia Johnson

"Every city needs a 401. It’s the only place I’ve seen where artists, community projects and non-profits can all work under one roof in a beautiful, supportive environment."