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Vladimir Kanic: The Book of Waves

November 5, 2021 to March 1, 2022


The Book of Waves is a series of bioart sculptures capable of producing oxygen equivalent to hundreds of trees; the sculptures contain a living algae culture capable of performing photosynthetic processes in situ. Algae breath, grow, and procreate and are able to communicate with the audience through breathable gasses. Breath is the essential conceptual foundation of the project; as spectators exhale carbon dioxide, the sculptures absorb it and convert it into oxygen, resulting in the creation of a cycle of life within its own micro ecosystem. While establishing a symbiotic relationship between the art and the spectator, the sculptures explore the relationship between human and non-human organisms and contemplate ways of establishing cross-species communication.

The artist developed a unique process enabling him to make sculptures from biodegradable bioplastics. The sculptures’ material is significant to the artist’s personal experiences. Kanic, who was born on the island of Pag in the Adriatic Sea, has developed an intimate connection with water. As a free diver, Kanic has learned the crucial role of breath in the complex systems of human biochemistry; each dive sharpens the diver’s memories, connecting his breath to the memories of his ancestors who are remembered by the sea’s waves, the algae, acting as hard-drives, keeps their spirits afloat. By harvesting the algae and incorporating them into his art, Kanic is imbuing his sculptures with the memory of the sea, his ancestry and culture.

Most significantly, The Book of Waves is a critique of the Anthropocene and the rapid destratification of our planet. It proposes a solution for mediating the consequences of human-made planetary destruction. By installing large scale sculptures in polluted urban areas, they have the potential to combat the greenhouse effect and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Besides creating oxygen, the sculptures are capable of capturing molecular toxins such as nitrogen dioxide and sulphur trioxide which significantly degrade human health. Through the removal the toxins from the air, the sculptures can significantly improve the wellbeing and health of all citizens.

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November 5, 2021 to March 1, 2022